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We are ready to be your guide for all your fun in the sun while visiting the beautiful state of Florida. We feature the World's most beautiful beaches. We are one of the number one retirement destinations of the World. We have some of the World's best Restaurants and World renown seafood. Florida Is Fun, Florida Is Entertainment & Florida Publishers Is Ready To Be Your Guide through our various advertising and promotional services both in print and now online available through the technology of the World Wide Web. Florida Publishers Travel & Entertainment Guides is committed to doing not only what it takes to be your Florida Travel Marketing Source. We Want To Be Your Clean & Green Marketing Source As Well!

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Florida Publishers is not only limited to the Sunshine State. We are now proud to introduce our new Peach State Travel Series that is designed for hospitality providers in Georgia, The World Famous Peach State who regularly serve Florida Inbound traveling guest. These publications with their color attraction maps have enjoyed a high retention ratio with surveyed guest and are becoming quite successful. So if you are working with Oranges Or Peaches. Both of these fruits are absolutely delicious and we are ready to help. 

Not only do we offer many solutions for the Sunshine & Peach States. We have also helped quite a few Farming Producers in the Oranges, Peaches, Cotton, Peanuts & other area produce or agricultural product industries enhance their own sales levels. Florida Publishers Travel & Entertainment Guides has a considerable level of marketing experience in marketing almost anything from Florida or our surrounding areas. As we say, We Do Florida Right!

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Florida Publishers Photography Department is World Famous in itself. Our photo staff of course travel Florida, The Nation & Even the Globe on various Photo Work and our award winning ad layouts in our publications with our our Prize Winning Photo Journalistic Staff have what it takes to get your business advertising needs front and center in the most visually appealing manner to reach the target market your business or agency needs. Any size business needs. If it's Florida, We are there !

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Florida Publishers Will Soon be expanding our Web Marketing Services into Major Georgia Traffic Arteries too. If you operate a Hotel, Entertainment Resort Facility or other Tourism based attraction in Georgia. Contact us now for information on how you can tie into the major flow of Florida Visitors we serve coming down the State. Our traffic patterns can easily redirect potential visitors into your front doors too.

Of course everyone knows about Florida beaches. Florida is one of top diving and fishing destinations in the World.

Enjoy Florida With Florida Publishers

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To A Nice Warm Spot On Your Favorite Florida Beach !

We try to be almost everywhere with you in Florida. We are even with you on our State's Official River, The Suwannee River. Here is a view of the beautiful Suwannee River from the Suwannee River State Park.

A Nice Trip Down The Suwannee River, One Of Many Wonderful Natural Resources Found Here In The State Of Florida.

We Do Florida Right !

Working with One Business at a Time Just Like Yours. Florida Publishers Travel & Entertainment Guides has truly become Florida's Entertainment Professional Choice for your Marketing Needs.

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If you like our Travel & Entertainment Guide Publications or Online Services. We bring you yet another dimension of our quality business representation with our all new food service excellence and award program. Florida Is The Restaurant King Of The World & we currently work with so many Restaurants. This was a natural progression of our media services. Visit soon for information on this exciting new program.

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While Traveling In The State Of Florida. You can get complete highway safety & traffic advisory information from your cell phone and view major highways by webcam on your computer.

With Florida's 511, Your Cell Phone Can Help Keep You Safer Than Ever!